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Keep Your Trees Healthy & Beautiful

with professional tree care
from Ed Hayes Trees

Specialist in Tree Care

At Ed Hayes Trees LLC, I focus on keeping your trees healthy and beautiful. With 45 years of dedicated experience in the world of trees, I am your trusted partner for all your tree care needs. As a plant pathologist and entomologist, my journey has been driven by a lifelong passion for trees and a commitment to their health and longevity. From diagnosis to treatment, I use the latest scientific techniques and equipment to ensure your trees are in the best health possible.

I currently assist clients in Virginia, Minnesota, and La Crosse, Wisconsin.

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Tree Care

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Tree Diagnostics
& Treatment

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On-Site Tree Safety Assessments


Tree Health

Trees are like us—they benefit from long term health care! When your trees show signs of distress or disease, my extensive knowledge allows me to diagnose the issue accurately. From diagnosis to disease management, I provide professional tree care treatments that promote the health and vitality of your trees. With science-based solutions, we can extend the life of your valuable landscape trees.

Emerald Ash borer treatments are available statewide in Virginia.

Tree with Bacterial Leaf Scorch
Damaged tree with large branches on the ground

Tree Safety

Identifying potential hazards and ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones is my top priority. To ensure that your trees are healthy and safe, I provide thorough on-site tree risk assessments, looking for any important structural tree defects and overall tree condition or health to help you make informed decisions about your tree management.

Tree Preservation

Preserving the legacy of historic or large shade-producing trees requires specialized care. I am dedicated to preserving these natural treasures for future generations, ensuring they continue to thrive. Why spend thousands of dollars to remove a tree when you can save it? Whether you're thinking about building near trees or engaged in construction around a tree, I can help you prevent below-ground disturbance, compaction or soil removal that will impact the tree and its food reserves. Preservation is different for every tree, but by preventing disturbance from the stem to the outer drip line we can make sure the tree will be providing shade and beauty for years to come. 

Tree in a well-cared for area
Leaves Shadow

Tree Defects?

Buy my field guide to help you identify the most common forms of tree defects, decay, and damage.

Evaluating Tree Defects | A field guide by Ed Hayes | book cover

"This easy to carry, laminated, and spiral book is essential to any tree care workers, homeowners, and woodland gardeners.  It’s well organized with easy-to-understand illustrations. It’s an excellent tool to identify threats to deciduous and coniferous trees. All trees are susceptible to storm damage, and Ed’s guide gives the gardener a proactive intervention opportunity."

Bruce and Linda Bytnar,
Fairfield Virginia

About Ed Hayes

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Forest Management in 1975 and a master’s degree in plant Protection from Virginia Tech in 1976. During this time, in 1976, while working on the master’s degree I found myself in Augusta County, Va. diagnosing insect and disease problems in Christmas tree plantations. At this time my fascination with trees took root.


My career has been a diverse journey, including brief assignments with the Virginia Extension Service and the Virginia Department of Forestry, before leaving for Minnesota in spring 1979. 


For 31 years, I served as one of the few Regional Forest Health Specialists for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, based in Rochester, MN. 

In 1998, I received the Minnesota DNR, Division of Forestry Award of Excellence for contributions to the field.

In the field of Tree Risk Assessment, I am the author and publisher of a popular field guide for Arborists and tree care workers, "Evaluating Tree Defects," with a revised second edition in 2015, and over 11,000 copies in circulation worldwide. Over time I did teach more than 100 full day Tree Risk Assessment workshops for Arborists and tree care workers around the planet.

Today, I'm a proud member of the International Society of Arboriculture, holding the title of ISA Certified Arborist since 2000.


Large trees

Ed is super knowledgeable, thorough, and up on the latest research involving tree pathology, tree care and all things about arboriculture related. 

He’s known locally as the tree doctor, for good reason. Many of us in the landscaping business consult with Ed and we value his expertise. He’s saved some very important historical trees in our area, and we are all so grateful to have him in our community! 

Ruth Huffman, owner at Green Valley Landscapes LLC


Expert Tree Care

Reliable and Trustworthy

Fully Licensed an Insured

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