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Pruning: Tree and shrub pruning requires an understanding of plant biology, physiology, structure and aesthetics. Requirements vary by species.

Young trees; need "Structural Pruning". Here's why. If co-dominant stems are left un-corrected they can eventually fail during a storm event. Your investment will be lost.

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We can easily do this pruning for you at low cost.

Mature trees; for the most part mature trees can either use dead wood removal or limited crown reductions. On average we want to keep the live parts working for the mature tree.

Miss-treatments; the most common pruning miss-treatments of pre-mature and mature broadleaf landscape trees is over rising (over pruning the lower branches) and making large wounds (removing branches that are to large). Over rising can lead to pre-mature branch failures and large wounds may lead to extensive tree decay also resulting in pre-mature branch failures. Call me for a consultation before hiring unqualified company. Please hire only ISA Certified Arborists.

Cabling and Bracing: Co-dominant stems and branches with included bark should be corrected early in the life of the tree (structural pruning). Where this didn't happen cabling and bracing can prevent branch and stem failures and extend the useful life. I use Guardian bracing which allows the tree to continue move adding more wood naturally to cabled branches and stems.

Hazard Tree (Tree Safety) Evaluations: I have over 30 years experience in the field of Tree Risk Assessment. See Safetrees, LLC, and the "Evaluating Tree Defects" field guide by Ed Hayes.

Tree Removals: Call for estimates, if we can not do your job safely we can obtain competitive bids for you from qualified vendors for the best fit of price and skill level needed for your particular job. Please note, we work with only licensed and insured companies for your protection and an ISA certified Arborist will always be on site to supervise or perform to work.

Tree and shrub selection and planting. Tree selection and proper planting are critical for success. We can help select and plant your trees for success. Consider desired function, available space and site conditions. What tree species should I plant? See resource links page. Ed's updated seasonal tree and shrub planting list based on local availability is available with an on site consultation.

Mulching: Following planting, wood chip mulch will work to increase organic matter (what tree roots thrive on), increase soil beneficial micro-organisms, improve soil structure, and reduce soil compaction over time, all resulting in improved tree health. Tree mulching must be maintained over the years.

Site Tree Preservation During Construction: Prevent construction damage to important trees by laying out a plan to preserve or minimize the damage done to stems and root zones when building a new home or adding an addition on to your existing home. I can provide a tree protection plan, or pre-construction inventories for the trees to retain before you build. This will make a huge difference! We can look at species selection and evaluate the structural and health conditions of these trees and help you reserve the right ones.

Tree Valuations and Appraisals: Services available on request.

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