Emerald Ash Borer - Where in Minnesota is the EAB now?

For the latest update check the Minnesota Department of Agriculture EAB Home Page (Also learn about firewood use and transport inside Minnesota, the quarantined counties in the state and how quarantines work):

National EAB Resource Page:

Insects & Diseases Diagnosis - What's wrong with my tree or shrub?

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Forest Health Page - Insects & Diseases

MN Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, Forest Insect & Disease Newsletter

Tree & Shrub Insects & Diseases: The University of Minnesota Resource Link:

Tree & Shrub Culture

Hazard Trees, Tree Safety Inspections, & Tree Risk Assessment Programs:

What tree and shrubs species should I plant?

Tree & Shrub Culture: The University of Minnesota Resource Link

Backyard Tree Care: MN Department of Natural Resources

How to Prune Trees:

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